Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Daily Twitterings

  • 13:07 WebLegend from 7BillionPeople is really interesting - clickstream-based analysis and dynamic page content as a result #demo09
  • 17:19 Listening to the first round of demonstrators here at #demo2009
  • 17:32 GoView is pretty impressive - simple screen sharing #demo09
  • 18:02 Seeing lots of Flex here at #demo09
  • 18:22 Interesting approach to transparency in CO2 trading for the consumer - CO2code - #demo09
  • 22:31 ShoutOut: voice to text, to twitter, to facebook. Will have to wait for Q2 sadly. #demo09
  • 22:33 Asurio's address book tools build on the contact-centric trend we saw at #mwc09. Android first. #demo09
  • 23:39 Wondering why TouchBook is not Snapdragon or Tegra. They're much more powerful platforms than the TI OMAP ARM processors. #demo09
  • 23:40 Vue is a simple mesh video network camera. Nifty and rather fun. Outdoes Axis! #demo09
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