Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Daily Twitterings

  • 00:56 Symbian Foundation piece at The H:
  • 01:25 Time to head into deepest Sunnyvale for Potlatch, see some of you folk there!
  • 01:26 Rental Karma score again! Booked a compact, ended up with a muscle car...
  • 15:27 Interesting conversations on privacy and surveillance at #potlatch. Good to see Danny O'Brien in the consuite.
  • 17:28 Still thinking about the Always Coming Home discussion last night. Realising we forgot to talk about the novel as journey and as tao. Heya!
  • 19:15 The Scalzi Rule. Is it always necessary? Not here at #potlatch
  • 23:39 Ursula Le Guin is reading from Always Coming Home. Poetry from a people who never will be. #potlatch
  • 23:41 Ursula Le Guin Reading is being streamed in Second Life. #potlatch
  • 23:42 RT @whump: UKL at Info Island NOW
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