Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Daily Twitterings

  • 10:05 Waiting for the man who's coing to replace the electricity meter.
  • 10:27 Twitter is atwitter with news that gmail is down. At least I keep my own mailserver under the desk, not in a cloud...
  • 10:41 Exploring Windows 7 devices - pleased to see the default printer view is a mini-DeviceStage view.
  • 11:08 New meter is tiny and white. I wonder if it can be accessed remotely...
  • 11:22 ...and power back. That was quick.
  • 11:59 Folk with Gmail withdrawal symptoms: IMAP and POP are available according to many. Use a service like Mail2Web to access it through them.
  • 19:11 Refilling the iPhone with music and audiobooks for this week's transatlantic flight.
  • 22:26 Booking a rental car for the first stage of out next US trip.
  • 23:14 We're planning to drive from Seattle to San Jose as part of the trip. Should be a good test for the GPS.
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