Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Exuding the bridge

For various reasons we end up driving over Hoover Dam quite often. The busy road and the narrow dam make it something of a bottleneck (especially with the TSA-style security checks on the way down the canyon), and much of the traffic has to make a 90 mile or so detour around the area. That's led to a massive construction project, as a huge new arched bridge is being built to bypass the dam.

It's going to be absolutely spectacular when it's finished, one of the highest single arch bridges in the world.

Recently work began on the arches, with concrete forms being extruded by massive moving moulds. We drove under it at night recently, the floodlights on the new concrete making in ethereally beautiful - thousands of tonnes of concrete and steel appearing to be almost nothing in the dark of the winter night.

The project web site now has a web cam, with panoramic view of the construction site.

Well worth a look.
Tags: bridges, construction, webcam
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