Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

You put your mittens on, in winter

One of the best known features of Monument Valley are the Mittens, two eroded buttes that look like hands reaching up to the sky. At sunset they glow yellow red, the bright stone of the Arizona and Utah deserts catching the sunlight.

Things are very different on a snowy cold day, from down on the valley floor. A dirt track takes you around the many monoliths, winding through the rocky desert floor. In summer it's crowded, in winter, almost empty. Pulling over at one of the view points you're on your own, bundled up against the elements and skidding on the desert snow.

Under a heavy sky the Mittens wait.

You put your mittens on, in winter

Monument Valley, Utah/Arizona
January 2009
Tags: flickr, photography, travels

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