Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Daily Twitterings

  • 12:27 Finishing up my first Flash Catalyst applications. Rather fun to work with. Looking forward to the next release already :-)
  • 14:10 Huzzah! My Flash Catalyst app works - rollovers, transitions, the lot.
  • 14:22 This weekend we're off to see the Cirque de Soleil. And we've got backstage tickets for Monday too...
  • 19:16 Loving what people are doing with Ecliipse these days. You'd never guess it was under so much...
  • 19:29 Straight from Flash Catalyst into Flex Builder with no loss of fidelity. Now that's design/develop workflow in action!
  • 22:26 Starting to plan our next US trip. First on the list, Potlatch.
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