Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Daily Twitterings

  • 00:43 @AlisonW That was yesterday. I was listening in to a call with the Windows marketing manager today. Always go to to the source!
  • 17:50 Cool - KMMT is now feeding track titles to our Sonos and on to my iPhone.
  • 17:57 Just re-read Fred Pohl's Starburst. One of his weirder novels, a mix of 70s US paranoia and far out mathematics with Zimbardo's experiment.
  • 17:59 18 novels read so far this year.
  • 20:57 Trying to keep an image folder in sync between a Mac running the software and a PC where I'm writing the feature. Live Mesh to the rescue!
  • 22:14 Finding more of the old UKOnline crowd on Twitter. Hello to @ellyrussell!
  • 22:52 January booklist:
  • 23:19 Large panoramic stitch of the walls of Zion Canyon in winter:
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