Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

January (and a few days of February) books

The total so far since the start of January is a round 18 novels read. A few were ebooks on the iPhone, and many of the rest were lugged around the south west US on our Arizona/Utah/Nevada/California trek (apart from the few we picked up in BookBuyers!).

Pohl, FrederikStarburst
White, JamesAmbulance Ship
Sterling, BruceVisionary in Residence: Stories
Carlson, JeffPlague Year
Foster, Alan DeanThe Candle of Distant Earth
Harrison, KimWhere Demons Dare
Harrison, KimFor a Few Demons More
Wilson, Robert CharlesAxis
Zakour, JohnThe Flaxen Femme Fatale
Sheffield, CharlesThe Web Between The Worlds
Barlowe, WayneGod's Demon
McAuley, Paul J.Cowboy Angels
Williams, SeanEarth Ascendant
Weber, DavidHeirs of Empire
Weber, DavidThe Armageddon Inheritance
Weber, DavidMutineer's Moon
Cooper, BrendaThe Silver Ship and the Sea
Smith, SherwoodThe Fox

Three currently on the go...
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