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Don't Eat The Yellow (Pages) Snow

The snowpocalypse reached Putney last night, with flurries across the street in the afternoon, and a full-blown fall at night. The sodium vapour lights flared off the South African snowballs, while cars crawled down the un-gritted roads.

Morning dawned whiter than white, with around 6 inches or so in our quiet street. We took a short stroll to get milk and bread, and I dragged along the camera. A lens hood works well to keep the snow off, unlike leaving your post on the doorstep...

Don't eat the Yellow (Pages) Snow

Putney, London
February 2009


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Feb. 11th, 2009 01:05 am (UTC)
Heh. We have a large newspaper box by the front door that can take most large mail, and a shelf above that for any overflow or large packages. If it's a really big box, there's room in the doorway for it to be stashed without being too exposed to the elements.

Of course, this presumes the postman or delivery person are amenable... :|
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