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Over The Gilded City

It's been a busy few days.

First there was Adobe Max in Milan (where I spent most of my time in a conference hall learning about the next generation of Adobe's Flex development tools - as well as catching up with folk who were over from the US). Milan is an intriguing city, mixing old and new architecture, full of winding cobbled streets and trams. The food was good, lots of seafood salads, decent veal, and plenty of wine (and the essential limoncello)...

As well as giving me plenty to write about, the conference also provided me with the means to feed marypcb's growing MiniSharpie addiction, as well as delivering one of the better conference bags in a long while - a rather tasteful grey canvas shoulder bag that reminded me of the old military knapsacks the cool kids always had at school.

Then it was back to the UK, where I'm catching up on all the writing that needs to be done before Christmas.

I did manage a lunch meeting up on the 24th floor of the old NatWest Tower (now renamed Tower 42), where I watched the low winter sun cast its light across the city, highlighting the edges of the roofs, the towers and the cranes.

As always I had a camera with me.

The Gilded City

December 2008
Tags: flickr, london, photography
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