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The Forbes Fictional Fifteen

Who needs the Sunday Times Rich List, when we can have the Forbes Fictional Fifteen?

It's a list (albeit somewhat flawed) of the richest characters from fiction, yes, it's US biased, and yes, it puts Willy Wonka only at number 6, when any fule kno he has to be richer than that... But the number 1 is no surprise, because as any Sluggite knows, you don't mess with Santa...


Nov. 7th, 2002 03:59 am (UTC)
An odd list indeed. I'm not so sure about the whole Santa thing though, this sort of presumes he uses his own money to create all the presents that are distributed. Now of course if he merely has an army of slave elves that use their magic to create presents that he gives away then surely all he owns is a sleigh and a big red suit.

Of course as the fat, red suited and bearded santa was a trademark of the Coca-Cola corporation he could be very wealthy indeed :-)

I'm sure Hotblack Desiato would be up there, or Maxelcat - but it seems they are sticking to fairly earth bound persons.

I agree with the Wonka thing, he had to be worth way more than that - sole owner of the worlds premier confectionary provider (what is Nestle worth these days?).

There must be way more people they haven't even considered.