Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

A measure of balance in these troubled times

Today I am most amused.

As you know, I strive for balance in my journalism, striving to find a middle road between the various extremes of advocacy and evangelism. So it was a sad day when I was accused of being a "paid shill for Microsoft" when I interjected some facts into a heated irrational discussion a few years ago. The resulting imbalance in my writing karma has stayed with me, leaving me unrooted and, well, unbalanced. Most un-zen.

But time was on my side, and I have been restored to balance.

Last week I posted a little rantette to our blog at IT Pro, pointing out some, err, problems with the way Microsoft was rolling out its much vaunted, and much promised, browser-upgrade for its mobile devices. Nothing unusual, really.

Then I got a comment, one that cancelled out the age-old remark. Yes, I am now apparently a "hitman hired by el Jobso."

Oh joy! All is right with the world.

Or is it? What of the free software movement and its relationship with the proprietary world?

A "volunteer for Ubuntu" really doesn't seem to have the same sort of ring to it...
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