Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Climb Me

Escaping the megalopolis, escaping the thousands of words, I spent a day looking up at rocks and sky in the glorious wilderness that is Joshua Tree.

I used to climb, and Joshua Tree was always one of the places I dreamed of touching the rock, hauling myself up on the wide expanses of pink granite on the Saddle, and completing a Walk On The Wild Side. Seeing it, well, that was something else. The dreamed rock was real, solid, rooted in earth and glowing under bright skies.

Last week in Joshua Tree I did a little scrambling, just because.

Climb Me

Some day I will climb here, losing myself in the interface between rock, hands and feet, living in the moment of the motion and the move, relishing the challenge of the crux and the exhiliration of the top.

On the wall

I will be an Alice in the Wonderland of Rocks. Climb me, they call, and I will answer them.

Joshua Tree, California
November 2008
Tags: climbing, flickr, travels
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