Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Out of the white, the blue; out of the blue, the white

Flying over Greenland back in August, the clouds cleared to reveal the vast white expanses of the ice cap. Greenland's an amazing place, black peaks rising up from under the ice, and pressure ridges showing just how the ice flows to the sea. The white is brilliant bright, a frozen beacon that lights up the clouds from underneath. The aircraft drifts over the white, somewhere timeless as it eats the hours between GMT and PST.

As we got closer to the coast we started to see little islands of bright blue on the ice. Melt water was collecting in the hollows, and reflecting a bright clear blue.

Ice Lakes

Ice Lakes

Then we were over the sea, watching the glaciers trail off into the distance, leaving a line of icebergs bobbing on the cold cold Arctic waters. From the blue on the white, to the white on the blue The water was so clear, that from so many tens of thousands of feet in the sky we could see the ice under the sea.

Greeland Icebergs

Greeland Icebergs
Tags: flickr, greenland, ice, photography
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