Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

I can haz visa nao kthksbye

I suspect my latest passport photos don't pass the LOLcat test, as I look far too serious, if a little goggle-eyed without my glasses, but they were good enough for my visa application form at the US Embassy this morning. It's a pity the US requires an odd size of photograph, as I could have reused the cheap photomat images we had for our Russian visas - rather than the rather expensive photos we had taken at Snappy Snaps.

At least the tubes are empty (and on time) at 7 am.

Things at the US Embassy have been streamlined since my last visa interview, as we were in and out in about an hour - leaving us standing on the streets feeling a little blurry after the early morning start. Just like last time, having all the papers filled out correctly was the key to a quick interview - I think I spent more time having my fingerprints taken and my forms checked. So all we have to do now is wait for them to return our passports.

You can't take anything electronic into the embassy, so no phones or iPods. The waiting room was pleasantly quiet as a result - just the sound of rustling papers and an automated voice braying "TICKET 1006 TO WINDOW 12". It was also rather odd feeling bereft of all technology, as I was unable to fire up Google Maps to find somewhere for breakfast.

Luckily marypcb had the sensible idea of trying Whole Foods in High Street Kensington. It turned out to be just the right thing to do - not only does it do a reasonably priced full English breakfast, its portions are big enough to make one serving a meal for two (with room for half a muffin each!).

One to remember.
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