Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson


At some point on Tuesday afternoon our telephone line failed. We were left with no dial tone, and what could best be described as an intermittent low-bandwidth DSL connection. Web pages trickled in, and there was over 6 seconds of latency between us and our ISP's equipment. It took BT a while to track the fault down, but yesterday afternoon an engineer turned up to replace the copper from our house to the street.

Shortly afterwards we were back online, and reconnected to the world. It took a night for our DSL to come back up to speed, but it certainly looks like it's working now...


Then I look back at the speeds I was getting while we were intermittently connected, and I realise that just a few years ago I'd have been very happy with a 200Kbps connection. I'd have even been happy with a 64K ISDN line...

It's a very long way across the digital divide.
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