Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

In The Moscow Metro

We're back from 48 hours in Moscow, much of which was spent buried in a conference hotel for a set of extremely interesting meetings and interviews, as we were two of the three western writers at the event.

Still, we got to spend a couple of hours out in an autumnal city, riding the Metro and walking the walls of the Kremlin.

In the Moscow Metro

In the Moscow Metro

In the Moscow Metro

Down in the Moscow Metro the stations are works of art, mixing sculpture, lights, murals and amazing architecture. They're like walking into an immense humanist temple, one where statues celebrate the worker, and huge murals depict folk dances and country weddings. It's like walking into a huge time machine that takes you into the heart of the Revolution, only to be brought up short by the CFLs in the chandeliers and the advertising on the long escalators down into the deep stations.

Life gets more and more like a William Gibson novel every day.

Moscow, Russia
September 2008
Tags: flickr, moscow, photography
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