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Spam block PSA

I've recently configured our mail server to use a mix of different real time block lists to stop spam hitting our mail boxes - with most of the success coming from using Spamhaus' blended Zen block list (which mixes known spammer addresses with known zombie senders).

It's cut down spam significantly (from around 500 messages a day in my spam quarantine folder to about 40 or so)- but I'm sure there'll always be the odd false positive. So if you're getting mail bounces from us with a 550 SMTP-error message indicating you're on one of the block lists I'm using, try sending mail by another route, or let me know so I can whitelist you...

Oh, and if your mail server (or better still, your upstream ISP) gives you the option of using a RBL, I recommend turning it on. It'll save you a lot of time dealing with spam, and quite a bit of disk space.