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Slow music in slow time

You've heard of the slow food movement. Now let me introduce you to the slow music movement. Its members don't know they're part of it, but they all have one thing in common: exquisitely crafted albums that appear years apart. Kraftwerk are one such band, and the UK's main proponent are the superb The Blue Nile.

The Blue Nile at Somerset House

They played a rare concert last night, one of a short series that recaps nearly 25 years of craftsmanship. It wasn't a big gig, in fact, compared to our last concert at a festival in Spain it was positively minute. But it was people who loved the band, who loved their music, and who'd managed to fight London's broken public transport infrastructure to reach the courtyard of Somerset House.

The Blue Nile at Somerset House

The concert ranged widely through the band's four albums, and introduced one new track (as well as a distinctly Blue Nilish take on "Strangers in the Night"). The atmosphere was electric, with an enraptured audience hanging on every perfect note.

A walk across the rooftops
Over the hillside
Saturday night
She saw the world
From a late night train
Easter parade
The downtown lights
I would never
Runaround girl
Family life
Stay close
Sentimental man
Tinseltown in the rain

Headlights on the parade
Strangers in the night
Tinseltown in the rain

An excellent gig, and one which bodes well for further concerts (and more albums).
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