Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Story Noodling

I noodled a flash snippet of sampans poling around starships at anchor in San Diego harbour a few weeks ago, and the sharp shard of story is tarting to nag at me rather angrily.

There's something trying to come together, something that involves "the rapture of the rich", a deserted (in more ways than one) and abandoned USA, the nomads of the wastelands, sunken nuclear aircraft carriers in Long Beach, a quest for the Kouros at the Getty Villa (the famous possible fake), and a young woman discovering that there are more ways out of poverty than selling herself across the border to Greater Mexico.

It's not quite ready, still baking.

Still, here are some of the noodles:

"The starships floated in the calm waters of San Diego Bay, the fractal skins of their drive spines glistening in the bright morning sun. Michel rowed her skiff slowly down the line of ships, looking for one that needed a tender for the day."

"They called themselves the Abandonati, nomads who roamed the ruined cities of a deserted America, looting the empty places of art and treasures."

"Over the wall Tijuana’s lights were coming on. The southern horizon glimmered and glowed, the distant city flickering in the summer heat. Somewhere in there her sister was cleaning homes, living the life of el raton, an illegal scrabbling for euros in the walls of the Mexican archologies. If Michel made the deal she could come home."

"The kouros was new-old. Golden stone glimmered in the bright light of the Pacific sun. Left behind in the looting of the old museum it stood in the ruins, it stared out to sea. Michel followed its gaze, past the waves, past the mouldering wooden houses, out to sea. The west beckoned, but the stone pulled her back into the wreckage."
It almost seems to want to be a 90K word YA short novel.

Definitely still in the oven.
Tags: fiction, stories

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