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Road Books

I seem to read a lot when I'm travelling. Here's the booklist from our last US trip, which comes in at 22 books read (with two started and soon to be finished not on the list)...

Buettner, RobertOrphan's Journey 2008
Anderson, PoulOperation Luna 2000
Preston, DouglasTyrannosaur Canyon 2005
Brown, Eric Helix 2007
Campbell, JackFearless2007
Weber, DavidWe Few2006
Sawyer, Robert J.Rollback2008
Steele, Allen M.A King of Infinite Space 1999
Hiaasen, CarlBasket Case2005
Name, Mark L. VanOne Jump Ahead2008
Davidson, MaryJaniceUndead and Uneasy 2008
Reynolds, AlastairGalactic North2008
Douglas, IanStar Marines 2007
Chabon, MichaelSummerland 2004
Brust, StevenDzur 2007
Traviss, KarenJudge 2008
Traviss, KarenAlly 2007
Butcher, JimGrave Peril 2001
Butcher, JimFool Moon 2001
Fraser, George Macdonald Flashman And The Mountain Of Light1991
Oppel, KennethAirborn 2005
Kenyon, KayBright of the Sky2008

A few thoughts:

Carl Hiassen's thrillers are definitely part of the Florida soundtrack, while Chabon's Summerland is a uniquely American fantasy. Mark Van Name's first novel is an interesting take on the boy and his dog style of tale (and very much in the Pip and Flinx mode, with the main character hiding his enhancements from the rest of the universe). Dzur is Vlad having a very good dinner, along with what happens when you're tasked with killing your god and still have to save your ex-wife from your mistakes. Meanwhile, Steele's A King of Infinite Space wraps up the Clarke County saga with a tip of the hat to his next major project. Karen Traviss's Wess'har novels wrap up nicely with Ally and Judge, and I ended up finding the story of Eddie Michallat the glue that held the series together. Brown's Helix was disappointing (and very 1970s British SF at heart).

Total read so far in 2008: 64 books (not counting uncatalogued rereads)
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