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First there was The Register, then came The Inquirer. Now Mike Magee is back with a new experiment in online IT journalism, The IT Examiner.

The first cut of the site is up, and it's looking interesting - especially as it blends western and eastern news in one place, with journalists based in Bangalore doing much of the writing. I suspect the outsourcing section of the site will be worth following. The site only went live yesterday, so there's not much there yet, but as with all online writing the value is in the corpus, and things should grow pretty rapidly now.

Bit of a theme going on with the site names, Mike!


May. 24th, 2008 02:32 am (UTC)
Thomas Publishing here.
Way back before Word: War was invented, i founded Thomas Publishing.I published Book on Auto Parts Wholesalers.
Now, Thomas register has developed into directory of national manufacturers. When mageekster tried to use Thomas name rEGISTURE(BOTH uk & us),mike emailed myself & I suggested, as I too never recieved anything except for my own publications, to just change name to Rogisture. like Pirate. Well readership is limited, yet having daily news is NOT easy. Mike corrects some of My Commentos in Mikes zine & i'm happy with work Mike does.

You can see enthusiasm in rogister & depth of complexity. While theINQ is more of home Town Brawl. Some of reporters have have Moved to my other glish, Toms' Hardware. Also something I cooked up while at Control Data, yet left to kids to complete MORE RECENTLY in Post Mainframe era. Basicly mess was taken over by Best Buy from my Hometown of Edina. city founded by Edinbough.Mikes Scotish & I was from UK originaly.

I am Diplomat, NOT Writer, Yet Communication is Heart of Diplomacy & put great Effort into hoping people recieve correct equipment first time & undestand its limitations. Mike on other hand has to earn what pay for what lifstyle Mike enjoys. So Mike moves to micronesia, its good spot to save time commuting to all those asian shows.

Its too bad More peoples don't realize this is all on edge of Pirates gone to Charity. Yet its been FUN ride.