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Another one for China's rant, methinks...

China Miéville is an interesting person, who engages deeply with his chosen genre, and enters into a dialogue with it and its root texts. This is, I hasten to add, A Good Thing, and even where he draws on Michael Moorcock's definitive essay on the Tolkienesque, Epic Pooh (collected in Wizardry and Wild Romance and sadly out of print), he is driven to illuminate the disconnection between fantasists and the real. The Tolkien route is one of conciliation, of acceptance of the status quo, rather than of exploration of the new, of discourse with the old, and of growth and change.

The same can be (and is) said of J. K. Rowling. Take this op-ed from the Washington Post, for example.

And all I can think, is "We need more John Brunners". Or at the very least, an angry Pratchett.
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