Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Not your usual selection box...

I'm of the age where chocolate selection boxes were a staple of Christmas. My grandparents would give one each to myself and my brother, and my mother would ration the confectionery out over the next month or so.

Today's discovery came as a bit of a surprise. While wandering around Waitrose I spotted a rather different sort of selection box, from the Clarence Court traditional-breeds free-range egg folk. Instead of chocolate you got a selection of seasonal eggs - one goose, two duck, a brace of pheasant, and a handful of quails' eggs.

It's an interesting idea, bringing back some traditional eggs that most people don't actually eat. I know I've not had goose egg or pheasant eggs - though I do think duck eggs make for a much better fry-up than hens' (they crisp just right on the bottom when cooked in a fresh extra virgin olive oil)...

And if you want to check up on the birds, there's a hen cam!

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