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Giant robots on the tabletop: a new obsession?

A recent purchase at this year's Octocon was a starter set for the new tabletop gaming edition of the classic Battletech, Mechwarrior: Dark Age. I've been a fan of Battletech for some time, owning the original wargame, the RPG extension, a set or so of the collectable card game and a pile of novels.

Using a variant of the WizKids Games Clix system, armies are assembled by buying packs of pre-painted miniatures containing a random assortment of units (which can include limited edition miniatures with useful skills and weaponry). Games are played using units selected by points value, and tend to be run at a skirmish level with 100 to 300 point squads. You can create squads that mix mechs, armour and ground forces. All have good points, and bad points, and the simple rules and the Clix bases make keeping track of a unit's status easy - and the game fast.

It's an interesting approach, taking the collectable card game model and applying it to miniatures. But then, those of us who aren't jaq don't really have the painting skills to go down the traditional wargaming route... Certainly I'm happy enough to occasionally buy a booster set to increase my resources, and to improve my choice of units for any scenario. That and hopefully pick up a useful unique or two...
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