Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Reviewing Mommy

Mommy, Why Is There A Server In The House? is a real book. We've got two copies to prove it.

It turns out that you can actually buy it from Amazon, for a relatively meagre $5.95. Which also means that there are reviews on the site, and a handful suggest other titles that you might find interesting.

My kids loved this book so much that they insisted that I buy them others in the same series including "Rover the dog says "SYN/ACK!", "How to be the Best at Firewall Configuration (The Boy's Book)", "Big, Bad Bill And The Blue Screen of Death" and their all time favorite "Everybody Poops".

This brings to mind other beloved children's IT favorites, such as:

The Little Server that Occasionally Couldn't
Grim Server Tales
The Pokey Little Server
Blue Screen and Spam
1000100111001010100101 and Other Favorites
How the Hacker Disrupted Online Christmas Shopping
Oh, The Porn Sites You'll Visit!

Just not up to the usual quality of the entire series! Whatever happened to "Sydney Sims Likes to Run Bob Desktop" and "When FlightSim Does Not Work"? They are classics!
Now, which of those shall I buy?
Tags: books, computers, humour
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