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I seem to rule an (rather small) interstellar empire

I've just finished reading John Scalzi's entertaining diplomatic picaresque The Android's Dream (which starts with an extended fart joke, and goes on from there...).

Earth is well down the pecking order in a galaxy full of intelligent beings, and a plot to push the human worlds up the ladder looks set to start a war with one of humanities' oldest allies. Amusingly the leader of this race is the fehen - the name I've been using for my one-man consulting band for some time now.

I'm not sure where Scalzi got the name from, but the history of my choice of it as a company name is well documented. It all goes back to my Oliver Postgate computer naming scheme and my first Powerbook, "The Iron Chicken". When I set up my original dial up Internet account with Demon, users were limited to an 8-character node name. Iron Chicken quickly became Fe Hen, and thence Fehen. When I needed to set up a company for some consulting work shortly after being laid off one too many times, it was the obvious choice of a company name.

And The Android's Dream? It's a rather fun, quick, read, definitely in the Heinlein-lite mode. Recommended for a cold winter day.

I'm also amused to note that the codename for the Powerbook 140 was the Tim Leary. An apt name for a rather delightful little machine.
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