Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Useful Firefox extension of the day: Read It Later

I've just started using a really useful browser extension.

I'd used to keep a Temporary folder in my bookmarks, where I'd keep links I wanted to read later. However, to be honest, it got clogged up, or just plain forgotten about.

Friday I came across Read It Later. It's a really simple idea - it just adds a new option to the browser's right click menu, and a couple of extra buttons in the menu bar.

Right click Read it later instead of opening a link (or click the Read Later button in the toolbar when you're on a page), and the page is added to the Reading List. When you want to read the page, just click on the Reading List drop down, and when you're done click the Mark as Read button to remove from the list and add to any of a whole host of bookmarking services (including Firefox's own...).

Simple, and sensible.

Now all I want it is a synchronisation web service, so I can access the same Read It Later bookmarks from my laptop and my desktop.
Tags: extensions, firefox, tools
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