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Recently read books, with one line capsule reviews.

Neil Gaiman/Charles Vess: Stardust
Deluxe reprint of the original illustrated novella, with additional sketches.
Will Hubell: Sea Of Time
Time paradox novel that gets too caught up in its own twists.
Larry Niven : The Draco Tavern
FThirst contact short short stories
Jennifer Cruise/Bob Mayer: Agnes and the Hitman
Chick lit meets action thriller in a rom com deep south mafia crossover.
Scott Lynch: The Lies of Locke Lamora
Fun fantasy romp that's a lot more derivative of Thieves World than it cares to admit.
Eric Flint/K. D. Wentworth: The Course of Empire
Hefty SF novel in which a defeated humanity needs to cooperate with its conquerors to survive.
John Birmingham: Final Impact
The final part of his alternate Second World War series.
S. M. Stirling: A Meeting at Corvallis
SCA vs Wicca in the latest of the ongoing post-civilisation Change series. This isn't your mother's Renaissance Faire...
Karl Schroeder: Sun of Suns
Far future gas bubble zero-G coming of age story (with added pirates).
Terry Pratchett: Going Postal
The story of the Diskworld postal service as allegory for many things.
David Weber: At All Costs
The body count gets enormous in the latest Honor Harrington space epic.
A. Lee Martinez: Gil's All Fright Diner
A vampire and werewolf walk into a diner. Weird Lovecraftian shit ensues.
Charles Stross: The Clan Corporate
Miriam gets caught up in family plots and machinations, while walking the worlds.
Kage Baker: The Machine's Child
Mendoza is back with her true love(s) and Doctor Zeus is in big trouble.
Jo Walton: Farthing
All to close to home "if this goes on" story of an alternate 1940s, in the guise of a country house detective story.
Elizabeth Moon: Command Decision
Vatta's war starts getting official in the latest instalment of the space opera series.
Jennifer Crusie: The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes
The paranormal romance gets the Crusie snark treatment. It's just a pity about the other two writers in this shared world...
Charles Stross: The Merchants' War
Stross' story of the world walkers shifts register amid a rising body count.
Fred Gallagher: Megatokyo: Volume 5
Manga-inspired romance webcomic collection.
Donna Andrews: No Nest for the Wicket
More bird-themed humorous mysteries for the blacksmith detective. This time her wacky family discover extreme croquet.
Diane Duane: Storm at Eldala
Role-playing tie in novel that trundles along on rails.
George R. R. Martin: A Feast for Crows
It's all getting Dark Ages in Martin's massive fantasy. Swords are drawn, and much blood is shed.
Richard Morgan: Woken Furies
Competent space opera with a noir tinge, and a touch of cyberpunk. Morgan's world-building is finally improving...
Various: Glorifying Terrorism
A collection of (illegal) fictions protesting a bad law. A mixed, if worthy, bag.
Brian Herbert/Kevin J. Anderson: Hunting Harkonnens
Promotional Dune novella.
Gary Gibson: Angel Stations
Intriguing space opera, with humanity living in the ruins of a vanished civilisation, using its tools without understanding them...

Another 26 books to add to this year's list...
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