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User Icons Explained (7 of 68)

In one of those memes that goes around, swisstone asked me to explain seven of my user icons. So here they are.

Black Helicopters
The image comes from one of The Register's t-shirts, and refers to a series where helicopters were spotted in Google Earth maps. I use it for posts related to conspiracy theories, something I've been interested in for a while. Not that I believe in them, instead I find them a interesting example of the story-telling impulse at work. (I sometimes use the icon when I'm linking to an article of mine on ElReg).

A section of the cover art of Chris Roberson's Paragea, a rather fun homage to the planetary romances of the early part of the 20th century. I just liked the picture, and used it as my default user icon for a while. The main character is the (fictional) second woman in space, still in her suit...

Steam Train Geek: Shay
The manufacturers plate from a Shay narrow gauge articulated locomotive, taken at Roaring Camp Railroads in the Santa Cruz mountains. I used to volunteer on the Ffestiniog, and still remain interested in narrow gauge railways. Articulated locomotives like the Shay and the Fairlie are a particular interest of mine, as they offered a particularly elegant solution to the problem of getting a powerful locomotive around the tight radiuses of a narrow gauge line.

Libere El Raton!

Free the Mouse! A Che Guevara styled image of Lawrence Lessig, founder of Creative Commons and copyright reformist. Copyright laws are broken, and as a content creator I have a vested interest in their rebuilding into something that's equitable and still lets me make a living. And why the Mouse? Well, every time Mickey Mouse looks likely to fall out of copyright, the Disney corporation is one of the biggest lobbyists for copyright extensions.

Jersey Pride 1204 - 2004

I'm a Jerseyman, and 2004 was the 800th anniversary of the island's constitution. We've got a lot of history, going back a long time, and I'm happy to be "vrai Jerri". I also have this as a car sticker!

Creme Simon

I just like late 19th and early 20th century French advertising. The artists wrote the rules for poster design, and elevated them to the levels of high art. And, hey, it's my name!

Bryan Talbot: Me from Heart of Empire

Bryan's an old friend of marypcb's (and I guess, now me too). We've followed the last few works of his from script to print and beyond, and Bryan asked us to pose as foreground background characters for his second Luther Arkwright graphic novel, Heart of Empire. We have the originals on the wall in the lounge, along with many other pieces of Talbotania - including our wedding invitation that Bryan kindly designed for us. Oh, and go buy Alice in Sunderland!
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