Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Unlikely pairings

Bacon, meet Chocolate.

Chocolate works well in savoury foods, as anyone who's had a mole sauce knows. But does bacon work the other way round? The answer is a surprising "Yes".

While in Vegas we managed to try a sample of Vosges' rather spectacular bacon chocolate bar, which mixes Applewood smoked bacon with Alder smoked salt and milk chocolate. The flavours complemented each other in a rather interesting way, bringing out the sweetness in the bacon, and highlighting it with the smoked salt.

One thing we learnt: you have to be quick to get your bacon chocolate fix. Sadly we were obviously too slow, as someone had just bought all sixty bars the store had left. I just hope they shared them with someone...

Vosges' Blues truffle, with free range apple wood smoked bacon, milk chocolate and bacon morsels, is pretty good too...</small?
Tags: bacom, chocolate, las vegas
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