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Obsession? No, it's Alan Moore! (He knows the score...)

Danny O'Brien and Quinn Norton are the guest bloggers on Boing Boing for the moment. One of their first finds was this link, a set of annotations for Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill's wonderful League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The current series, volume 2, is pitting Mina Harker and her compatriots against the Martian war machines that have arrived in Woking. It's a wonderful layered affair, mixing pulp fiction and history in a similar manner to Kim Newman's Anno Dracula novels. And that's where the annotations come in, extracting every fine bit of detail from Moore's story and O'Neill's art, educating and surprising as we travel through the interstices of history...

It's all superb stuff, and the annotations are incredibly researched and detailed,showing just how deep Alan Moore's research goes... And how much knowledge is to be found on Usenet...

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