Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Rethinking Google Sky...'s a great tool, but it's about to wipe out a small niche of the software industry, without Google even noticing. So much for "Do no evil".

The result, a rant at our IT PRO blog:
Google's latest version of its Earth mapping tool adds a significant new feature; Sky. It's a great tool, you can scroll around the heavens, zooming in for detailed Hubble shots of the most beautiful astronomical objects, and all for free...

That's great for us, but a terrible thing for all the small software houses and software developers who've invested their lives in developing planetarium software. Astronomical applications have been a profitable niche for a large number of companies, and sophisticated sky explorers have been developed over a number of years. Now, overnight, that market has been blown away.
Read more here.
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