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In our other blog...

...a rant about the abomination that is the BBC iPlayer.
I'll hold my hand up and admit it. I thought the BBC iPlayer was going to be a good idea. I wasn't too fussed about the DRM - the regulatory environment the BBC has to work with wouldn't have let it do anything else. All I wanted was a way to watch my favourite shows on a laptop halfway over the Atlantic.

I got on the the beta last week, along with pretty much everyone who'd signed up. I should have given up as soon as I got the convoluted installation instructions in my email. Go to this site, enter this password, download this application, go back to download a program, install an ActiveX control, start again, and then wait for the slowest P2P download ever to deliver a copy of Top Gear to my hard disk. Oh, and then not to get the right licenses so I couldn't actually watch the programme I'd downloaded. No Jeremy and No Star in Moderately Priced Car for me...
Read more at IT Pro.

And another thing - enough with the letter "i-" prefixing everything that's meant to work with internet. It was cute with the iMac, but that was 1998. I thought we'd learnt our lesson last bubble with "e-" this that and the other...
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