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Stob does Facebook

What if Socrates had used Facebook? After all, he was a great one for sitting around and talking about himself. And isn't that what Facebook is for?

The one and only Verity Stob treats the whole subject with her own inimitable style...

Extract from Plato's The Banana Republic.Socrates and Glaucon are discovered in the Facebook group called'Philosophy is the new iPod'. Socrates has created a new thread.

SOCRATES has 6 friends in the network Philosophers.

picture of socrates statueSOCRATES:I thought I would kick off a new one on the nature of human companionship. 'Be slow to fall into friendship; but when you are in,continue firm and constant' as a great man once said. Oh yes, I did.

picture of a statue that may be glauconGLAUCON: Nice one, Socco. Talking of friendship, I hear that Catherine Tate is all set to return to the Tardis to reprise the role of Donna. My heart is sore.

SOCRATES: And how does this bear on the nature of friendship?

picture of a statue that may be glauconGLAUCON: My reasoning is thus.

In the first place, Donna's grating voice and her sarf London accent– apparently a prerequisite to getting hold of a Tardis key these days,by the way, no matter how many hearts you possess – offends my ear,even so that my enjoyment of The Mill's special effects is disturbed.

In the second place, this seems to be a continuation of Russell T Davies celebrity obsession, which is running wildly out of hand. Tate, Kylie, that actor off of 'Life on Mars'. What will he do next?Reintroduce Bonnie Langford?

And in the third place, why couldn't we have that posh blonde out of the scary statues episode? That would make more sense in terms of continuity.

Read on for more philosophical social networking hilarity...
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