Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

The Flickr UK Postcode Interestingness Weather Location Explorer

The first application at my Web 2.0 sandbox is now live.

Have a play with The Flickr UK Postcode Interestingness Weather Location Explorer. Give it a postcode, and it'll show you the weather at the location, along with the most "interesting" Flickr image it can find nearest the pinpoint on the map. I'm quite pleased by the self-expanding search area that expands each time it can't find an image...

(It's a mash-up of Google Maps, Google Local, WeatherBug, Yahoo! Pipes and Flickr written for a magazine article.)

Update: I left out one of the instructions: click on the pin to get the pop-up once the progress bar goes away...
Tags: developer, web 2.0, web applications, web development
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