Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

All FiRed up

marypcb and I have spent the last week in San Diego at one of our favourite conferences, FiRe.

Future In Review is an eclectic event, covering all sorts of issues, looking at the next 3 to 5 years. This year we've been looking at everything from new battery technologies to the economic effects of rapprochement between Japan and China. It's been a fascinating few days, with a constant stream of half hour sessions - starting at what normally would be far too early in the morning.

Speakers have come from industry, and from finance, and from other, perhaps less obvious, backgrounds. Today's sessions included David Brin with the CTOs of Adobe, EMC and IBM reinventing the mobile phone, Stewart Brand discussing genetic testing, an ex-Disnay Imagineer who joined the NSA on the future of intelligence and how understanding innovation is a key approach, and a fascinating interview of Kim Stanley Robinson on global warming. That's just part of one morning - imagine another two and half days of it, and you'll understand why FiRe is one of the highlights of our year. It's all fascinating stuff, and leaving me much to think about for the next few months...

The location's pretty good too -- I was looking out our hotel room door yesterday evening and saw leaping dolphins out in the ocean. Even so, I haven't minded being sat inside a dark conference room all day!

Back up to the Bay Area later today for Baycon.
Tags: fire, futurism
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