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Inside the ILM render farm

An interesting BBC news piece on ILM's new data centre.

I'm one of those people who find data centres fascinating. In the past I've run my own (at one point squeezing some of my kit into a couple of racks at UCL's Gower Street site), worked with client's hardware in a myriad of hosting centres around London and Leeds, and with my journalist hat on had tours of some rather complex sites. CERN's is the largest I've been in, while Azul's packed the most compute power into the smallest space. I suspect UCSD's CAL-IT2 system was the most advanced, with its Lambda grid connections. I didn't get to go into Weta's but I've talked to them about how they run their render farm. Google's remains on my list of places to go...

Nice to see ILM have a Roomba.
Tags: data centres, ilm, roomba
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