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marypcb pointed out that the new version of ICQ comes with a soundtrack by Infected Mushroom. I suspect I worried her with my knowledge of the Israeli psychedelic trance scene...
Global psy-trance group Infected Mushroom, ranked number 12 globally by DJ Magazine, teamed up with ICQ for the newest version of ICQ 6. "We wanted to give our newest messaging service a whole new spin, and integrate a revolutionary sound system into the ICQ experience" says Ronen Arad ICQ's VP of product and marketing. "For that, we asked Infected Mushroom to help us."


Armed with plastic bottles, sticks and live instruments, Infected Mushroom started on the project of creating the sounds for ICQ 6. Sitting in a conference room at ICQ Headquarters, Duvdev explains their strategy: taking everyday sounds and creating a new spin for it. "It was a nice project to take on, I grew up using ICQ, and most people in the music industry rely on ICQ not only for chat, but for file transfers, so it was exciting to be part of ICQ 6."
I probably worried her more when I told her I had some of their Shpongle remixes.


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Apr. 23rd, 2007 01:10 pm (UTC)
not worried so much by you knowing about or having the music as to when it might come up on random play...
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