Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Enter, the Girl Detective, stage left.

marypcb and I had a bit of a Veronica Mars mini-marathon last night, taking us through a good chunk of season 3 so far, up to the end of the first mystery arc.

All I can say is "Woah!"

And keeping it spoiler free...

We'd watch the first couple of episodes when the season started, and I'd thought things were a little slow to start, and had let it sit on the box. We got home after a fairly busy day in London, and decided to start catching up.

So we made some hot toddies, sat down and watched an episode, and then another. But once it hit the end of episode six it just started going and didn't stop until it hit one of the all time classic Mars cliffhangers.

We just had to keep watching.

The characterisation just kept getting better and better, and the stories more and more compelling, everything accelerating until suddenly the brakes came on, and we were left, like the characters in stunned silence, waiting.

The world had been broken, remade, and broken again, in the span of a few minutes.

Now that's what I call good TV.
Tags: tv, veronica mars
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