Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Pimp my words: Quad Core Wars

Another IT Pro blog post, this time looking at the next generation of processors from Intel and AMD:
The end of January set the scene for a year in which new processor technologies from both the main hardware vendors look set to battle for the server crown. Intel's new Penryn processors move it onto new 45nm processes, while AMD's Barcelona offers single die quad core as a drop in replacement for many existing servers.

While Penryn is only just starting to sample, and is unlikely to ship until the later half of the year (though there are rumours of earlier ship dates), Intel's Clovertown quad core processors are already shipping. AMD is hoping to leapfrog Clovertown's performance with its new Opterons, and expects Barcelona to offer 40% better performance than the equivalent Clovertown. With Intel having stolen back the performance crown with its Core 2 architecture, AMD needs to offer big performance gains to win back flagship customers like Sun.
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Tags: amd, intel, it pro, quad core

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