Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Detective Work

The other morning the postman tried to deliver a couple of parcels. This morning I walked down to the Post Office to pick them up. There were two, identical cardboard boxes that were quite large, but very light. I opened one and found a giant (and I by that I mean really really big) paper clip. Oh, and a URL.

Who'd sent it and why?

I went to the web page, and just got a teaser announcement for something due at the beginning of March.

So time for a little detective work. My favourite online Whois service came up with a domain owner, and Google quickly found their site. There was a list of clients, many familiar, and one new one.

I suspect the newest client - the font on the web site looks like one of theirs - but I can't be sure. I guess I'll find out in a few days when I get a followup email or phone call.

With the tools around I wonder how difficult it is to run a teaser campaign like this. You'd have to know that it's easy to find out that you set up the domain (in fact I was surprised that it was in a company name - I'd thought that a simple cut-out by having a member of staff register it in their name should thwart most look-up attempts), and you'd have to know that the client list on your web site would be the first place that someone would look...
Tags: networks, pr, web
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