Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Making A Firm (Phone) Decision

I ordered a new phone today.

I've gone for a Blackberry Pearl (after all, you all know how much I liked it when I reviewed it), and have chosen a T-Mobile Flext package, with added Web'n'Walk, as well as Blackberry email. I'll hook up T-Mobile's BIS to point at my mail server, as I know that all works well - I've been reviewing some other Blackberry kit on T-mobile recently.

When the phone arrives tomorrow I'll give them my PAC, and should stay on my current number.

One thing I need to check up on (as I don't quite believe it), is the cost of Blackberry data when roaming. This page seems to imply that it's only 0.73p/kB when in the US. Which makes leaving email on when I'm travelling quite affordable.

Thanks for the advice. AKICILJ indeed.
Tags: blackberry, pearl, t-mobile
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