Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Coo, look at all those Extensions...

Firefox extensions are very useful indeed - adding lots of extra functions to the browser. They're often small, quick to install, and simple to use. I've got a lot installed, and use FEBE to backup and manage them all. It also produces a formatted list of what you've installed so far.

After I ran today's extension backup, I took the list, tidied it up a little, and stuck it behind a cut tag...

Here's a nice long list of all the Firefox extensions I use (with some links).

I've also added a quick star rating, and a review/description

1. All-in-OneSidebar ***** Highly recommended sidebar management tool
2. Allow Right-Click ** Brings back the right-click menu when disabled by JavaScript. Not so useful these days
3. Blue Organizer *** A useful research and organisation tool
4. Bug Me Not **** Don't give sites your real name
5. CiteBite *** Link directly to content in a web page
6. Compact Library Extension Organizer CLEO **** Share your extensions between Firefox installations
7. Down Them All *** Improved download manager
8. Enhanced History Manager **** Better History views
9. Fasterfox ** Speed up connections
10. FireFTP *** Built-in FTP
11. Firebug *** Web page debugging tools
12. Firefox Extension Backup Extension FEBE **** Back up all your extensions
13. FlickrFox *** Work with Flickr
14. Forecastfox *** Check the weather
15. FoxClocks *** Multiple world clocks
16. Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer *** Back up bookmarks remotely, synchronise between machines
17. Google Browser Sync *** Back up bookmarks remotely, synchronise between machines
18. Google Toolbar for Firefox **** Better search
19. Google Web Comments *** See linked blog posts
20. Howd I Get Here *** Enhanced navigation tools
21. IE View **** View the current URI in Internet Explorer
22. Interclue ***** A superb browse ahead tool from sethop
23. McAfee Site Advisor *** Rates site for phishing and malware
24. PDF Download **** Control how Firefox handles PDFs
25. Performancing **** Built-in blogging tool
26. Restart Firefox *** Does what it says!
27. SEO For Firefox *** SEO analysis for pages and searches
28. Search Status *** SEO analysis for pages and searches
29. Stopwatch *** Browser timer
30. TabMixPlus ***** More management tools for tabbed browsing
31. UserAgent Switcher *** Switch browser user agent for testing purposes
32. Viamatic foXpose *** Quickly see all your tabs in one page
33. View Cookies *** Quickly see all your cookies
34. View Source Chart *** Get an improved view of page structure
35. Web Developer *** Web page debugging tools
36. **** Work with directly

So what are your favourite extensions? And do you have any recommendations for me?
Tags: extensions, firefox
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