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Too many things plugged into my computer...

While working from home I'm sort of tidying my desk as I wait for a document to be emailed to me by my colleagues. Unfortunately half the things I want to move, won't as they're all plugged into the PC. I blame it all on USB and Firewire. By giving designers and developers an easy way of connecting things to PCs, it's added to the range of things we plug in. Serial ports were easy, you had two and that was it. USB lets you plug in 8 port extender boxes, and Firewire allows more complex chains than SCSI ever did (without the need for animal sacrifice...)

Currently plugged into this PC I have 4 PDAs, a digital camera, the iPod, a web cam (which doesn't work through the firewall, so it's mainly used for screenshots by marypcb), a digital radio receiver (very temperamental), a Firewire disk drives, and a sound card extender (with remote control). I'm not counting speakers, mice and keyboards...

I think it may be getting a little out of control...
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