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Today I have been mostly blogging...

...over at IT Pro.

Ready for ReadyBoost.
One of my favourite things about Windows Vista is its ReadyBoost disk cache technology which uses off-the-shelf USB flash drives to speed up operations and extend laptop battery life.

One of my least favourite things about Windows Vista is trying to find a USB flash disk that will actually work with ReadyBoost.
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Putting Backup in the Fast Lane
Like many small businesses, Mary and I keep our email and files on a small server running Small Business Server 2003. It's a useful little OS, and its built-in backup tools simplify archiving your data and your email. We're also backing up volume shadow copy data, so lost files can be retrieved from Windows' often ignored file system snapshots.

(If you've not turned it on Shadow Copies yet, go do it now. Yes, you'll lose some free disk space, but you'll gain a lot of peace of mind. Right click on a volume, and open the properties dialog. In the Shadow Copies tab, click “Enable”. Shadow Copies may not be as pretty as Apple's Time Machine, but it does the same job, and it's here now. If you're trying out a business edition of Vista, you can turn it on there too...)

We currently do nightly backups onto a NAS appliance, a Buffalo Terastation Pro, shifting around 50 GB from the server to the NAS store. With 2 TB of disk space, configured as RAID 5, there's plenty of space for several days worth of backups. There was only one fly in the ointment: the backup was taking far too long.
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