Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Twit, Twit, To What?

Looking at the current rash of social networking sites, Twitter seems quite interesting, as it's just a tool for notifying your network of friends what you're doing...

There are some interesting concepts that this fits into, the idea of copresence, or even the Maori idea of the whanau or extended family. Tools like Twitter are a new form of social glue that helps bring distributed intentional groups of people together, wherever they may be. I know I'm not unusual in having close friends many time zones away, that I see in the flesh maybe once or twice a year - and using tools like LJ to keep in touch with them and their lives. Twitter looks as though it could simplify part of that equation.

So how do you use Twitter? The site is as simple and as bare bones as possible - after all, it's a tool for keeping in touch quickly, You just post up simple one line descriptions, using the Twitter web site, IM,or mobile phone - and notifications come back to you the same way. I suspect it could come in quite useful when we're at CES next month...

You'll find me there as (surprise surprise) sbisson.
Tags: internet, social media, twitter, web 2.0
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