Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Remember the "thatgirlemily" blog hoax from back in July?

Well, just 5 months later, the very same marketing hoax has made it to the UK. Though this time it's masquerading as a MySpace account.

Still pretty much the same billboards, though...


Jane Doe:

And whoa - look what programme is appearing on a satellite channel here in the UK. The very same one that "thatgirlemily" was advertising.

[Edit: is there a link between NTL/FLextech and GCap Media? BRMB certainly seem to be in on the hoax...]

So we've got a shining example of really bad PR - running a discredited viral campaign from the US in the UK, in the vague expectation that no one here could have spotted any of the US controversy. What's sadder is that some of the UK media seems to have fallen for the scam. Don't they do any research?

Original pointer to the poster and the MySpace account by A PR Guy's Musings
Tags: advertising, pr, web
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