Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Speed, speedier, and speediest...

Thanks to those nice people at Merula we're now on ADSL Max, and are getting an order of magnitude more speed than our old 512/256 DSL connection. I've also just replaced the main house switch with an unmanaged gigabit beastie from D-Link that works rather well, and gives me a few more free ports for future expansion.

So, things are currently looking a little like this:

It's rather nice being able to download a DVD image from a software company on the west coast of the US in under an hour. (Something I have had to do several times this week last, as we've been churning out lots of features and reviews about some pieces of software that came out this week...)

Next: Build a new house server with the VPro Core 2 Duo motherboard that arrives next week, and source a gigabit network card for the current server.

Anyone after an unmanaged 16-port 100 Mbit rackable switch, drop me a line, and we can negotiate. I seem to have one for sale...
Tags: dsl, geek, infrastructure, merula, networks, writing
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