Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

New Dolby Online

Thomas Dolby has posted a new track online, performed at the TED conference last year.
One of the presenters this year was Peter Gabriel, who was there to talk about a cause that’s dear to his heart. I’d met Peter before and found him very affable, so I took the liberty of sampling one of his most famous tunes and mashing it up with a new piece of my own. The session was entitled ‘The World Flattens’ so I triggered some sound bytes from my own Flat Earth Lecture. I think Peter was sitting in the front row when I played it. As TED is for a good cause I’m sure Peter won’t mind if I put a recording of my performance up online! Download it, link to it if you like, but please don’t recirculate it without asking me.
Good stuff.

[Link to the track on his blog entry].
Tags: downloads, mp3, music, thomas dolby
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